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History of Sirenella Ristorante

Italo Marzari opened the Sirenella Ristorante in Charlottetown in 1992, continuing a rewarding career in a profession he has grown to love.

Italo left his home in northern Italy in 1967 to make his way to Canada and a promising future. He spoke little English or French and though trained as an engineering technician, took work as a restaurant busboy. His career path changed forever.

As his language skills improved, Italo progressed from busboy to waiter and eventually he became maitre d' of the prestigious Royal York in Toronto.

By the early 1980's, Italo was managing a successful restaurant in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and just a few years later, he opened his own restaurant, The Continental, in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Seeking yet another challenge, Italo moved to Prince Edward Island to become an instructor at the respected culinary institute in Charlottetown. When a downturn in the economy occurred, Italo was faced with two options - move off the Island or create his own employment.

He decided to open Sirenella Ristorante, a dining room specializing in Northern Italian dishes and seafood.

Telephone: (902) 628-2271

Map 83 Water St. Charlottetown, Across from the Delta Prince Edward.

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